Moving checklists - don't forget the small stuff

Whilst there is a large number of variables when it comes to both personal and business moves, having a general checklist can sometimes be very handy to ensure you don't forget some important tasks. We have included a guide that has been collated after a number of recently moved people provided some of their practical experience.

One of the most common responses we heard was that on the moving day itself, whether with or without professional help, it can often be an overwhelming and time consuming experience. The time disappears so fast and you soon find that you've skipped lunch and dinner. No wonder you're feeling exhausted! Keep some refreshments in easy reach so that you can look after yourself and your family throughout the day. Maintaining your energy levels and staying hydrated is important when you are making a big move.

Here is a printable moving checklist which may prove handy for your upcoming move!

Moving Checklist

Experience of our international movers

Experienced movers can provide you with valuable advice and suggestions for helping to streamline your move and make things easier on everyone. They use special techniques which help move large, heavy and clumsy items with the minimal amount of effort necessary, to avoid not only damage to the goods themselves or surrounds, but more importantly themselves. A scratch on a wall can usually be easily fixed, whereas damage to your back by using incorrect lifting methods can cause ongoing issues. Take advantage of the experience of the international moving companies.

Obligation free quotes

All quotes that are provided to you by the moving companies who partner with Intlmovers are provided to you completely obligation free. Whilst we expect that you will find the right moving company using our quote comparison services, should you feel that none of the responses quite meet your expectations, you are under no obligation to accept any quote this is provided to you.